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About me

Plenty of years ago in my comfortable corporate job, sometime between my 4th coffee, another boring meeting, and the terrifying commute home I decided this was not the life for me. I wanted to do work I was passionate about. Travelling and living in foreign cities opened my eyes and my mind and led me towards medicine. I was fascinated by the human body. How it can be so intelligent, adapt to its surroundings, heal itself. How can every human being be so unique on the outside yet replicated internally. Then the ultimate skill. It can reproduce itself – I was hooked.

Conventional or ‘Western’ medicine didn’t grab me. The idea of one drug for one condition was too narrow. The body wants to heal itself and should be supported. Not occupied. What we think, what we eat and what we surround our self with has so much impact on how our physical body works

Between starting in 2007 and completing my Bachelor of Health Science in 2016 I completed natures biggest miracle 3 times. My little family lived natural medicine while I was learning it. The more I learned the better our diet became and my children rarely needed medication. Pregnancy and birth were life-changing, incredible experiences.

In the last few years…
I’ve been helping women become an expert in them and take control of their and their family’s everyday health. Without relying on Doctors to fix them when they are broken. When people work with me they receive support to make changes they can actually do and take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

What sets me apart is…
My down to earth approach. Common sense, real world, actionable advice. I’d love to take you into energetic medicine and mind-body connection using homeopathics and flower essences. But if that’s not your thing that’s cool. We can work with food, herbs, nutritional supplements and probiotics to improve your physical and mental health, without removing your favorite things.